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Financial Services

Knectsoft Speeds and Improves Expense Tracking with Rich Mobile App
"It would have taken a tremendous amount of time if we had to write the app multiple times for different platforms. With Alpha Anywhere, we could write the app once and then deploy it to iOS, Android, and to Windows Phone in the future."

- Lee Haddox, IT Manager for Knectsoft

Worldpay Payment-Enabled Apps

"We were blown away by the level of integration Alpha was able to bring to the API. Alpha saw the importance of integration, and brought it to an extremely detailed level. Teaming with Alpha enabled the development of a new way to integrate payment into mobile apps."

- Hunter Menton, Vice President, Worldpay

"Over one weekend from scratch, I built the whole [new system] with Alpha Anywhere. My boss said, ‘Are you kidding? You built all of this  since we last spoke.’ It’s not because I’m a genius; Alpha Anywhere is just that good." 

— Imran Riaz, SVP at TD Bank

Construction & Mining

Construction Firm Takes Microsoft Access Application Mobile and Saves 50% in Time & Costs

"Alpha provides us the flexibility and features we needed, without tying us to an individual vendor. It is ideal for building Web portals and mobile apps."

- Bachir Georges Yazbek, Head of Project Control Department, Zerock Construction, and Founder, DesignPMS

Al Reyami Construction Equipment

"Perhaps even more important than the cost savings we're realizing with Alpha Anywhere are its powerful enterprise platform features."
Sajil Sidharthan, Systems Manager


Global Leader in Energy Services Uses Alpha Anywhere to Update Legacy System for Web and Mobile
"Alpha Anywhere has improved our productivity, helped us accomplish much more work with fewer people, and let us build a system that will be able to work even when offline and out of reach of the Internet. We expect that it will also help us expand our business."
- Andrew Rachel, Database Manager

Oil Industry Field Inspection App
"With Alpha Anywhere I was able to build a sophisticated offline mobile app in only four days for capturing maintenance information on offshore platforms. No other tool would have let me work that quickly and build such an easy-to-use app for both smartphones and tablets."
- Thomas Guth, Independent Programmer and Consultant


Physical Therapy Builds and Deploys Patient Care App in 4 Weeks
"When you need a critical app built, that doesn't cost a fortune and on a platform that you can become proficient on quickly, then make your bet on Alpha Software."
Keith Poorbaugh, Founder, Northern Edge Physical Therapy


New Web App Offers Better Client Service While Easing Admin Work for Immigration Law Attorneys
"Thanks to Alpha, there are no limits to what LiveImmigration.com can do. I can easily add features, and the performance is outstanding; far better than previous versions. The time and cost required to build this application with Alpha was dramatically less than alternative solutions."
-Thomas A. Williams, Attorney and Founder, LiveImmigration.com


Offline Mobile Sales App Increases Data Accuracy, Improves Efficiency and Adds Transparency to the Sales Process
"After struggling with those two platforms, I came across Alpha Anywhere, and it looked to me as if it had all the capabilities we needed. Its offline capabilities were particularly important and comprehensive."
— Wayne Freeman, Director of IT, Merrick Pet Care, Inc. (a Nestlé-Purina PetCare Company)

HVAC Manufacturer Builds Web and Mobile App in 1 Month to Power Aggressive Sales
"Because of Alpha Anywhere, we’re in a great position to be aggressive with our growth plans and future product rollouts. We know we can build exactly what we need, and do it quickly and at little cost. It’s a big part of our future."
- Daniel Santucci, Division Pricing Director, Goodman


Car Rental Giant Modernizes Rental Contract Process, Increases Data Accuracy and Improves Customer Service 
"The productivity gains I was able to get were tremendous. I would have had to devote three times the amount of time to some features if I were using some other method of development."
- Doron Farber, Consultant, Avis


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